Fuel Tips

Use Chevron 94 Grade Premium fuel only, mixed with fuel stabilizer.

Shell 91 grade fuel is also good to use but you will have to pump the first 10 L into your vehicle to clear the line before you fill the gas container.

Stay away from ethanol based fuels

After last use of equipment its best to leave the tank full. Use the freshest fuel mixed with stabilizer, run the equipment to get fresh fuel to the carb. Leave equipment full over the period of storage, max six months. Fuel valve should also be shutoff if equipped. Also very beneficial to run the equipment to operating temp once a month if practical.

Longer than 6 month storage, fuel should be drained from tank and carb, the carb also needs to be prepped to avoid problems at future start up. We can process your equipment at our facility for long term storage.

Always operate equipment outside in a well ventilated area as per manufactures instructions.

Use a clean dry certified fuel container, 5L to 10 L max size. Do not store fuel in the container over the winter

Always use fresh fuel!