Fuel Tips

Use Fresh fuel from a clean dry container.

Only buy as much fuel as can be used in a month.

Use fuel stabilizer all the time.

All grades of fuel now contain ethanol.

After last use of equipment its best to run dry of all fuel.

Refill equipment with Aspen4 for 4 stroke engines or Aspen2 for 2 stroke engines.

Run equipment for 10-15 min and shut off.

Leave equipment full over the period of storage, max six months. Fuel valve should also be shutoff if equipped.

Longer than 6 month storage, fuel should be drained from tank and carb, the carb should be cleaned and the cylinder fogged to aid in future start up.

We can process your equipment at our facility for long term storage.

Always operate equipment outside in a well ventilated area as per manufactures instructions.

Do not store fuel in the container over the winter, Buy fresh in the spring.